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Celeste and Glen are the energetic duo and driving force behind StudioC. Celeste’s design expertise and Glen’s engineering background help them master the elusive balance between aesthetics & functionality. 

They champion a fresh new way of working, too. A few years ago, they quit their 9-5 jobs, built a studio in the bush, and developed a Collective of freelance creatives who dip in and out of projects as needed. 

Celeste and Glen are across every project (regardless of how big the wider team needs to be to get the job done), offering a single point of contact and consistent StudioC experience - one that’s highly personal, educational, and empowering.

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Celeste, Glen and Ollie
Celeste Skachill
Director, Designer

Co-design is Celeste’s passion, making her our workshop queen! She’s also a highly-skilled, award-winning graphic designer. Having designed a range of events and exhibitions at Te Papa Museum, Celeste’s an expert in delivering experiential graphic design for communities. She believes great design improves people’s lives in some way - and that’s always her end goal.

View Celeste’s previous work here.
Glen Skachill
Mechanical Design Engineer

Glen has 14 years’ experience in engineering (from manufacturing to design) as is known as our ‘Swiss army knife’ for a reason: he works across the team in highly diverse roles.

Glen’s skills are an essential part of any spatial design project (when projects have a build or physical construction aspect). He’s got an incredible eye for detail, a knack for blending science with art, and a passion for innovation. He even built our studio with his own two hands!

Ollie – Studio Puppy
Stick Consultant

Ollie’s the excited bundle of energy that greets you upon entry to the studio. His main responsibilities (which he takes very seriously) are making sure the team takes plenty of walks and providing endless cuddles.

StudioC Collective
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